Episc. Bishop Not Welcoming Anti-Gay Akinola

Peter Akinola may be taking a trip to Chicago soon, and the city’s highest Bishop wants to make sure we know he does not approve.

Anti-gay Nigerian Archbishop Akinola has apparently been invited by the Anglican Mission in the Americas, a rebel arm of the international Anglican Communion.

The AMiA allegedly invited Akinola to celebrate the Holy Eucharist with them on September 23rd, while most American Bishops will be at a conference in New Orleans.


Upon hearing the news, Bishop William Persell of the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago distanced himself from the invitation:

Amidst the highly charged political rhetoric in our nation and around the world concerning events of the Anglican Communion, I want you to know that the Diocese of Chicago has no connection with the visit of Archbishop Akinola.

We continued to be blessed by the rich diversity brought to our diocese by the gifts and talents of all our people including our most conservative members, moderates, liberals, who are straight, lesbians, gay, bisexual and transgendered.

Akinola’s been making moves to infiltrate the American Anglican branch in order to spread his homophobic views. The Anglican Communion’s been going through some gay growing pains since the 2003 ascension of openly gay Gene Robinson