Even More Israeli Pride Drama

Here’s another test for your short-term memory, kiddies. Have you forgotten about this morning’s post on the broo-ha-ha over Israeli Gay Pride?

If you answered “no”, gold star to you. If you answered “yes”, you’ve got some serious problems and we suggest you a. consult a doctor and b. click here to catch up.

Anyway, with all the threats of violence and Biblical vengence, Jerusalem police may revoke the parade’s permit. The Jerusalem Post reports:

Amidst mounting public opposition and threats of violence, Jerusalem police said Monday that they will reevaluate a permit given to hold a gay parade in the city next month…

Jerusalem police spokesman Shmuel Ben-Ruby said Monday that the High Court affirmed that police have the prerogative to cancel the event.

Jerusalem police chief Ilan Franco met late Sunday night with a senior Rabbi from the anti-Zionist Eda Haredit who warned of violent protests if the parade went ahead, officials said.

If the police do cancel the event, that will make the second queer event cancelled in Israel this year: World Pride had to end its planned celebration after the war with Lebanon broke out.

While it’s totally shitty that gays in Israel can’t get a break, at least some good’s coming out of this whole homophobic mess:

The burgeoning opposition to the local city parade has again united an unusual cross-party and inter-faith coalition of Conservative Orthodox Rabbis, Muslims, and Christians who call the event a deliberate affront and provocation to millions of believers around the world.

See? Bigotry brings people together. Just think, the gays could be the key to ending war in the Middle East!

We’ve always wanted to know what it would be like to be a sacrificial lamb.

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  • MD

    How can it be called Gay Pride in Jerusalem when they deny Arabs and Muslims to take part in the event? Isn’t it hypocritical for gay men to be discriminating against others?

  • mn, Jerusalem

    Arabs (Muslim and Christian), as well as other Muslims are not only alowed, but are invited openly (see the events site), and from pervius years I can tell you that some actually march along.

    The people and organizations that are fighting to make this parade happen are the same much of the same ones that are fighting the broder couse for equlity and freedem in Israel – and this clearly includes the issues of arabs in Israel and the occupation of the West Bank.

    Not that I’d expect the facts to change your opinuns or hatered, but at least the your lies are publicly chalanged.

  • mn, Jerusalem

    here is a link to the events web site.

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