Everyone’s Hot for Rachel Maddow

So, your editor is a huge fan of Rachel Maddow. Do a Google search of her name and a piece I wrote about why I love her is the 6th entry on the list. If I had time to comment on DailyKos, my screename would be MaddowFan and last night, Rachel Maddow stopped by The Daily Show for a chat with Jon Stewart, who you know– is not to shabby, too. Watch it after the jump.

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  • seitan-on-a-stick

    Love the Maddow but she’s a bit Lesbian Lite! Olberman seemed more impassioned about Gay Marriage Rights….

  • rick

    i love rachel! i found out she was on the daily show after the first airing last night and stayed up to see my darling rachel on the replay.

  • RichardR

    Rachel for President!

    Japhy, read and enjoyed your Google-ie piece. You were ahead of the Rachel curve, there!

    I realize it’s utterly shallow and irrelevant, and I know they get her all gussied up for her show, but in addition to her wonderful mind and wit, I think she’s beautiful, in an admittedly non-conventional way.

  • Amanda

    hell fucking yeah we are hot from rachel, shes fucking amazing!

  • Eric

    I would go straight (or gay, not sure what it would be) for Rachel

  • Kid A

    Love Rachel! Thanks for the vid.

  • Cranky

    1) “dailykos”
    2) “Jon”
    3) “too”
    4) proofreading rocks.

  • Alexa

    Thanks for that, I haven’t watched last night’s Daily Show yet so I hadn’t seen it (didn’t even realize she was on or I’d have watched it before work). Love it when she wears her glasses.

  • Sabrina

    I L-O-V-E Rachel. Smart dykes are hot.

  • ScrewRachel

    Rachel Maddow is a phoney puppet. Having a show perpetuating Pat Buchanin’s voice is reprehensible. Rachel took shots at any female who ran this past election season and I am sorry but I don’t have a shred of respect for her. She was right about one thing, and that is that she is gossipy. Her sarcasm is unappealing. If i was sarcasm I watch the Daily Show. Most sane mature adults understand that the Daily Show is not news. However, shows on MSNBC are supposed to be journalism, not slanted bias.

    She continues to support and be offeded for Obama when he is a rational sounding bigot who does not support gay marriage.

    This woman is a moron.

    Keither Olberman is a fake AND dramatic moron.

    They belong together.

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