Ex-Gay Crooner Curses Hate Crimes Bill

The Hate Crimes Bill has a new enemy: ex-gay country singer Dennis Jernigan. Like so many conservatives, Jernigan that the bill threatens his free speech:

I was able to come to a level of freedom the homosexual community never told me was possible. Yet, through faith in God, I successfully walked out of that way of thinking and have met thousands of other men and women who have done the same. What about our civil liberties? To pass such a bill as H.R. 1592 is to invoke fear that I could be prosecuted for my religious beliefs and speech.

The father of nine (!) goes on to claim that H.R. 1592 discriminates against him and his ex-gay brethren:

If this bill passes, Congress is telling me that I and countless others who have discovered they don’t have to be homosexual are of less value now than when we were living as homosexuals. If we look down the road of this slippery slope, this legislation would actually pave the way to make it a criminal offense to think differently than someone else or to have religious convictions that are opposed to this politically correct ideology. Do we really want such thoughts to be illegal?

Oh Jernigan – when will you and your ilk learn that violent crime and political stance are not the same thing? Although we suspect he doesn’t care: his politically-minded press release reminds readers that Jernigan has a new album on the way.