Facebook Won’t Let You Create a Group For ‘Faggots’

Though Facebook already has a whole slew of “pages” with the word “faggots” in them, creating any new ones proves all but impossible.

After hearing about how Facebook was blocking uses from making pages with the word “Palestinian” in the title, we wondered what other no-no words were automatically blocked. Not only did we find out Facebook is letting “Palestinian” be included in page titles, but we learned “faggots” was definitely on Mark Zuckerberg’s list of banned words.

Blocking the F-word seems like a decent enough policy, given most people will create “faggots” groups for the sole purpose of denigrating our kind. But what if we wanted to create a fan page for delicious pig’s heart meatballs?

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  • richard weaver

    I created a Facebook group for an art collective called F.A.G., it was an invite only group comprised of mostl gay men. We wanted to take back the word and promote discussion an interest in what F.A.G. stood for. We organized and produced a successful debut event this past february at Envoy Enterprises. Unfortunately On June 1 2010 I received this message:


    The group “F.A.G.” has been removed because it violated our Terms of Use. Among other things, groups that are hateful, threatening, or obscene are not allowed. We also take down groups that attack an individual or group, or advertise a product or service. Continued misuse of Facebook’s features could result in your account being disabled.”

    Of course it’s almost impossible to contact anyone at Facebook to review the situation.

  • robert Stilllwagon

    I created a group to get “real housefags of nyc” on television. After about 300 members facebook shut it down and deactivated my account, the funny thing is the next day they announced that the show is going into production.

  • christopher di spirito

    Facebook routinely deletes pictures of nearly naked men from their site but freely allows hate groups like the KKK, Aryan Nation and Stormfront to use the social media giant to recruit new members.

    This, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

    I deleted my Facebook page after learning teenage homophobes were literally hounding youths to the point of suicide. Yet, Facebook refuses to do anything about it. It’s an ugly world at Facebook.

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