Fanatics Urge Malaysian Cops to Hunt Down Gay Newlywed In Ireland

A Muslim group in Malaysia is urging police to investigate a long-missing Malaysian medical student who popped up in Dublin this weekend via photos of his civil partnership with his Irish boyfriend.

Ariff Alfian Rosli, 28, has been considered missing after he ceased contact with family members back home some time in 2008. Rosli originally moved to Ireland in 2003 on a medical scholarship to University College Dublin.

Photos from Rosli’s Irish civil partnership ceremony have gone viral, leading the Kepong Islamic Youth Organization (PBIK), to call for a police investigation.

“We are making the police report in the name of the Malays against a Malay youth who disgraced the name of our country, religion and race,” said PBIK chairman Norizan Ali in Malaysia Today. “Malaysian Muslims must adhere to the Islamic laws and our country’s laws even when they are abroad.”

Malaysia’s ambassador to Ireland has confirmed that Rosli’s whereabouts are now known, but under Ireland’s Data Protection Act, he is not revealing his location.

Civil partnerships have been legal in Ireland since January of this year.

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  • Mike in Asheville

    Cheers to the happy couple — many many happy years!

  • kylew

    and people get irritated when you say that the muslims are even worse than christians…

  • Steve

    “We are making the police report in the name of the Malays against a Malay youth who disgraced the name of our country, religion and race,” said PBIK chairman Norizan Ali in Malaysia Today.

    I’d love to see the look on the police constables face when they take that complaint

  • John

    If your race and religion are that hateful, then they are a disgrace without the help of homos. Dip shits.

  • Dave

    Not to be blunt but what say would the Malaysian police have in what goes on in Ireland? The Gardaí do not have an unblemished track record when it comes to gay rights but I sincerely doubt they’ll help anyone trying to track this newly-wed down.

  • FreddyMertz

    yeah, good luck with that add a U to that. hmmmm

  • Seamus

    I hope the Irish government sticks to their guns and keeps this man in Ireland with his partner. Deporting him back would be an enormous mistake.

  • CBRad

    Too funny how the Manhattan gay is willing to ruin Rosli’s life by eagerly hoping the Irish government will deport him so they can screech how homophobic Ireland is. When the NY gays are the ones hoping for the worst for him.

  • Panserbjorne

    Malaysia and Singapore are both Beverly Hillbillies states–third-world, third-rate backwater shit holes overflowing with throngs of ignorant Muslim mouth breathers and a few tall buildings. The surprise isn’t a story like this one coming out of the festering septic tank that is Malaysia–it’s that equally ignorant LGBT bigots regularly get elected to office in countries that should actually know better.

  • Mark

    @Panserbjorne: Singapore more better than malaysia, Singapore allow same sex activities campaign for equality, even Singaporean muslim is participated. Malaysia government banned all the activities that related homosexuality.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @CBRad: Curious: who and what are you referring to? No one — the post, the linked story, comments 1-7 — other than the anti-gay PKIC group in Malaysia is after Rosli.

  • Dan

    Glad he found love and happiness, and got away from allah-forsaken Malaysia

  • robert in nyc

    @Seamus: Irish Civil Partnerships are almost identical to the UK’s. If you enter into such a legal union, you can’t deport the foreign born national for any reason. They’re treated in the same way as a married couple in that respect.

  • Ken NYC

    Congratulations to the happy couple!

    (And yet, at the same time I can’t help but think, “Poor Rosli”. No wonder he ceased contact with family members back home in 2008! Let’s all hope the Irish authorities insist on protecting them, and that the situation doesn’t degrade into some crazy Malay jihadist fatwa.)

  • Ogre Magi

    I hate Muslims

  • Flaky

    I don’t care what he does with his life, but what everybody should know before saying poor guy bla bla, is that this moron was sponsored by a malaysian company to come to ireland for his medical studies, which he failed (again n again) to complete, and then failed to repay that wasted money ( because he did not fulfill the sponsored contract obviously) , and now his poor mom and dad is being sued for approximately USD500,000 because they were his guarantor. Now he is hiding behindso called human rights do-gooders. What a piece of $#*¥. be a man and pay up u sleaze.

  • Kylew

    @Flaky: But that’s NOT the issue is it? He is being attacked exclusively because of his sexuality. Whether he’s a scumbag and a user in other areas of his life does not change the fact that the Malaysian population have barbaric attitudes to homosexuality.

  • Flaky

    @ Kylew: well i am MAKING it an issue. why play up his sexuality and not this other issue. i’m sick of people being ‘politically correct’ and walk on eggshells around homosexuality. as though because he is gay, its okay he is a scumbag in other ways. he is what he is, a scum for making his parents pay up, gay or not. and oh yeah, how ‘barbaric’ are the malaysians towards gays right! give me an example of the so-called ‘barbaric attitudes’ you mention that has ever happened in malaysia. just ONE.

  • Vladimir

    @ Flaky

    Do you need half million USD to study medicine? And that in a non-Ivy league univ? Something’s fishy. The guy is quoted a fee higher than what is actually incurred. Of course he don’t wanna pay up!

    If you broke a USD 20 vase and asked to pay USD 200, will you pay if you have the choice?

  • Shah Malinda

    I’m Singaporean (Malaysia’s neighbour) and I’m Malay. Firstly, we are not third-world nor a backwater state. In fact, we’re the 6th most expensive country in Asia to live in and have one of the most technologically-advanced cities in the world. Just thought I’d put that out there.

    Even though I’m Malay, the reactions to this are not the Malay/Muslim whole. There is a segment of overzealous Muslims who are lambasting him, but there are many others who are standing up for him. In fact, the main issue of contention here that many Malaysians have is not his marriage, but how he spent taxpayers’ money on a scholarship and has yet to pay it back. The Malaysian authorities and media are just playing up the sexuality game to distract attention from the main issue because there is no way he can pay the money back and so, the issue is brushed aside.

    If you want to read what the non-extremeist Malaysian response is, I’d recommend you read the comments in this article:

  • Flaky

    @ Vladimir: the cost of uni fees are a fraction of what he’s asked to pay. it used to be the only amount these contracts asked for if u want to break from it, until a lot of people decided to not return home as per contract because they can easily afford to pay that fraction. since then, sponsors decided to draw up new contracts where the students have to reimburse everything from uni fees to living and rent allowances given to them over the course of undergrad studies which can be up to 6 yrs (if u did premed there too)- because they want to make it hard for students to afford paying hence having to come home and fulfill initial agreemant. dublin is not a cheap city to live in. and bear in mind he had to repeat a few years too due to flunking.
    hope this answered your q

  • Cosai


    The fact that they call homosexuality (as though its a choice or something) a “[disgrace to] the name of [their] country, religion and race” – that in itself is barbaric, it’s backwards thinking and primitive, actually, no, scratch that, its not “primitive”, because a few thousand years ago folks didn’t have an issue with homosexuality or bisexuality (see ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, etc), and before that, way back in cave men times, well, i doubt they cared much about who was shagging who at all, so no, Malaysia isn’t “primitive” as such but: uncivilised, subhuman and, well, pathetic – yeah, i’d say that paints a pretty accurate picture of their culture right about now.

    They can either evolve and progress with the rest of the world, or be left behind in the dark ages, either way I don’t particularly care, so long as they keep their bigoted, self-justified, culturally-sadistic behaviour to themselves.

    (Kind of reminds you of how whites use to treat the blacks back in the day doesn’t it? Just wait, in a decent 60-70 years out grandkids will look back on all this homophobic B.S. as just another messed up chapter in history and they’ll wonder why we didn’t get our act together quicker).

  • Kylew

    @Cosai: The sad thing is, attitudes to such things tend to be cyclic, so it’s as likely in 80 years that society will be imprisoning and castrating homosexuals again, as it is that we’ll live in an age of reason. If you look at the general trend, society is not becoming more understanding or tolerant…

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