Fanatics Urge Malaysian Cops to Hunt Down Gay Newlywed In Ireland

A Muslim group in Malaysia is urging police to investigate a long-missing Malaysian medical student who popped up in Dublin this weekend via photos of his civil partnership with his Irish boyfriend.

Ariff Alfian Rosli, 28, has been considered missing after he ceased contact with family members back home some time in 2008. Rosli originally moved to Ireland in 2003 on a medical scholarship to University College Dublin.

Photos from Rosli’s Irish civil partnership ceremony have gone viral, leading the Kepong Islamic Youth Organization (PBIK), to call for a police investigation.

“We are making the police report in the name of the Malays against a Malay youth who disgraced the name of our country, religion and race,” said PBIK chairman Norizan Ali in Malaysia Today. “Malaysian Muslims must adhere to the Islamic laws and our country’s laws even when they are abroad.”

Malaysia’s ambassador to Ireland has confirmed that Rosli’s whereabouts are now known, but under Ireland’s Data Protection Act, he is not revealing his location.

Civil partnerships have been legal in Ireland since January of this year.

Images via Facebook