Bad Hair Day

FBI raids home of Trump-loving gay hairdresser over Capitol insurrection

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Kristopher Dreww, the gay hairstylist and Donald Trump fan who shot to infamy following videos he posted at the Capitol insurrection on Jan. 6, just had his home raided by the FBI.

Dreww, 32, who goes by the online moniker “Adorable Deplorable,” and who’s real name is Kristopher Martin, had his Huntington Beach, California home searched on January 18 in connection with the riots. The Los Angeles Times reports that one person–presumably Dreww–was home during the raid and cooperated with authorities.

At the time of this writing, law enforcement has not revealed what specifically, if anything, they were looking for. No arrests were made during the raid, though agents did remove undisclosed items from the residence.

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Dreww became a viral “star” following the January 6 riot at the US Capitol in which Donald Trump supporters and other far-right extremists stormed the building during certification of the 2020 election. The insurrectionists carried guns, bombs and other weapons with the intention of taking elected officials hostage or killing them on the spot. Video of the event shows terrorists building gallows and walking the halls of the building chanting “Hang Mike Pence.”

Kristopher Dreww, for his part, recorded a self-congratulatory video following the riot boasting “I just got back from storming the Capitol. It was successful. For all you bitches on Facebook going crazy talking about it was Antifa, and saying it wasn’t us, it was us. We proudly took back our Capitol.”

“I’m only at the hotel to get some gear on, I’m going back, baby,” he further stated. “They brought the National Guard out for us and shit. We had the fucking cops running from us. Not because they are bitches but because they’re smart.”

“I want every single person watching this to think about it,” Dreww encouraged. “Go to the Capitol in your state. Stand tall. You deserve it, and your state deserves it.”

Subsequent to his posting the video, Dreww claimed that the Yelp page for his hairdressing business had been review bombed with negative comments. He also said he feared for his life, and attempted to distance himself from the seditionists. Los Angeles station KCAL has also reported that Dreww has a criminal record, having faced charges of misrepresenting himself to police and possession of a controlled substance in the past.