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‘Fellow Travelers’ teaches a lesson on rough trade with its spiciest scene yet—but viewers have one question

Image Credit: ‘Fellow Travelers,’ Showtime

*Caution: Spoilers ahead for Fellow Travelers Episode 3, “Hit Me.”*

In its latest episode, Fellow Travelers packs its bags for a gay getaway to Delaware’s Rehoboth Beach—and a lesson on rough trade. And it all leads to the series’ spiciest scene yet!

Tim (Jonathan Bailey) is still upset with Hawk (Matt Bomer) after he was forced to write a letter throwing his friend Mary’s partner under the bus—which, in turn, saved Mary from being outed and got the heat off all of them.

To make it up to him, Hawk tells Tim he’s taking him on a birthday trip to Delaware’s Rehoboth Beach, a longtime LGBTQ+ destination a la Fire Island, where “DC professionals who can afford a weekend away” feel safer being their authentic gay selves away from prying eyes.

Of course, it’s Hawk we’re talking about here, so you know he’s got an ulterior motive. He’s actually in town to meet up with a local hustler who claims to have some piping hot tea on Senator Joseph McCarthy (Chris Bauer) who maybe “doth protest too much” when it comes to his plans to rat our gays in the government.

Image Credit: ‘Fellow Travelers,’ Showtime

But first, Tim gets a crash course on rough trade, who Hawk shares “will offer to blow you for five bucks—but 50/50 they’ll just beat you up and take your wallet.”

“Why would anybody take that risk?,” the sweet, innocent Tim asks incredulously.

“It’s the risk that makes it exciting, Skippy,” Hawk responds. You can practically see the gears turning in Tim’s head…

After Hawk sneaks away to meet with his informant, Tim becomes antsy (not even a kiss from an older gentleman in the bathroom could distract him) and the two get in a fight once he realizes he’s been lied to. Again.

All Tim wants is a nice dinner out with his man—is that too much to ask? Well, sort of!

Back in D.C., Hawk agrees to pose as his uncle so they can share a meal at one of those fancy, white tablecloth restaurants without raising suspicion. Tim, perhaps a little overeager, gets drunk and begins to sing the old standard, “Perhaps,” which… look, if you’re trying pass as straight, maybe getting buzzed off red wine and unprompted karaoke isn’t the best idea.

At the apartment later, Tim is embarrassed but also frustrated with Hawk, knowing he’ll never be the emotionless f*ck-buddy he’s used to. So, he pushes him. Literally. “You want me to be rough trade? Hit me.”

The provocation activates all of Hawk’s dom daddy tendencies; he likes his bottoms bossy. He slaps Tim; he likes it, too.

And so begins Fellow Travelers‘ roughest and hottest sex scene yet—and that’s saying something considering the series started by putting its foot in its mouth.

After making its way to Twitter X, the scene has garnered all sorts of reactions from both fans and other who might’ve been unfamiliar with the show (but are almost certainly adding it to their queues now).

Somewhat hilariously, the post above has even more bookmarks than it does likes. Safe to assume folks will be eager to revisit this scene later, in the privacy of their owns homes—if you know what we mean.

Here are a few of our favorite responses:

But there’s one specific detail—or, lack thereof—that gays can’t seem to get over: Somehow, Hawk and Tim are going this hard without any lubricant whatsoever? Not even a little spit??? Woof!

(For the record, this scene takes place in the 1950s, and the modern, over-the-counter product we know of as lube wasn’t widely available until the ’80s. However, Vaseline was very much around, as was K-Y Jelly—albeit, via prescription. And, again, ever heard of saliva?)

Hey, there are still 5 episodes left and a couple decades worth of history, so maybe Hawk and Tim will discover the magic of lube before the season’s up!

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