For those needing a break from crazy aunt Josie talking over turkey about how Trump’s doing a great job getting people deported and shaming NFL players, we’ve composed this rebellious list of very realistic, true-to-life gay sex scenes available just a few clicks away on your smartphone right now–or any time.

We put together a list to help you through the holidays without resorting to porn…

1. Queer as Folk

The groundbreaking Showtime series about post-Millennium gay life features plenty of hot man on man action for those who feel like a tossed salad after a big meal.

Queer as Folk is available on Showtime Anytime and Amazon.

2. King Cobra

The biopic of porn star Brett Corrigan unsurprisingly has plenty of hot men in hot positions, with a cast that includes James Franco, Christian Slater and Garrett Clayton.

King Cobra is available on Netflix and Amazon.

3. Holding the Man

This Australian film, based on the novel of the same name, tells the story of an ill-fated love affair between two men on the eve of the AIDS crisis. While the premise may not sound sexy in the least, desperate times do often lead to some lovemaking with wild abandon.

Holding the Man is available on Amazon.

4. Sense8

Possibly the sexiest TV series to ever feature LGBTQ characters, Sense8 has no shortage of full-frontal male nudity, orgies and man on man action. Our favorite: the beautiful love affair between beautiful Mexican soap star Lito and his boyfriend Hernando.

Sense8 is available on Netflix.

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5. The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo

The acclaimed web series has won critical notice for its sincere depiction of gay life in Los Angeles. It also features some very sincere sex scenes that don’t have the obstacle of passing by network censors. And you can never go wrong when Brian Jordan Alvarez gets naked.

The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo is available on Dekkoo and YouTube.

6. Shank

Be warned: for all its hot men, Shank is not for the faint of heart. A story about two British gangbangers wanting to bang each other, the film features some horrifying twists and brutal scenes of sexual violence. It also features one of the hottest scenes of sexual tension ever which had us reaching for a fan.

Shank is available on Amazon and Vudu.

7. Bangkok Love Story

A noir set in the titular city, Bangkok Love Story follows the life of a hitman who falls in love with his male target. Violence and suspense ensue, along with, well, sex.

Bangkok Love Story is available on Dekkoo.

8. Wet Hot American Summer

We’ve included this comedy classic because we know that a good number of you still have a crush on Bradley Cooper. Watching him get it on with Michael Ian Black will make you forget all your…what were we saying?

Wet Hot American Summer is available on Netflix.

9. Looking

The HBO series which could have used the title “Love in the Time of Grindr” has no shortage of sexy moments featuring queer crush Jonathan Groff and other hotties. Binge the series, check out the movie, and repeat.

Looking is available on HBO Go and Amazon.

10. Feral

The Dekkoo original series about besties Billy and Daniel searching for a roommate with sexy results includes plenty of, well, sexy results with some all-too-realistic scenes of man on man love. In other words, the show earns its title.

Fearal streams on Dekkoo.

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