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First Pics Of Lindsay Lohan Playing Liz Taylor Dress Up

Ain’t it cute when the kids get into mommy’s closet? TMZ nabbed the first the photos of Lindsay Lohan all dolled up to look like Elizabeth Taylor for the Lifetime flick Liz and Dick. Thank God that TMZ identified the photo, because we weren’t sure if it was Justin Bieber dressed as Rosalind Russell as Auntie Mame, or Coco Peru’s high-school yearbook photo.

LiLo had her hair cut and dyed to look exactly like Taylor’s, so that’s no wig, queens. Whether or not that’s all her actual face is another story.

Lifetime immediately released an “official” photo (below),featuring Lohan getting necked by Grant Bowler, who plays Liz’s famed amour Richard “Dick” Burton. You may recall Grant Bowler from True Blood—ooor you may not.

There he played a werewolf. Here, apparently, he’s playing vampire.



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  • Timmmeeeyyy

    Are you sure she isn’t playing Laura Flynn Boyle?

  • Cam

    He publicists every year or so release photos of her dressed up for some role or another and none of them have ever materialized into actual product.

    Anybody remember all the “Official” pictures that came out of her supposedly playing Linda Lovelace?

  • Chris

    They ate her alive on DListed and I had to facepalm (for DListed, not Lohan)

    If anything seriously thinks this is her complete makeup for the movie then LOL

  • Daez

    I really do not get the obsession with Lohan. She is not that talented. She is not that beautiful. She has proven time and time again that she is more of a detriment to a production than a value. I think it is time we just move on from Lohan. There are many talented young females in Hollywood.

    Britt Robertson is probably my favorite teen star, next to Selena Gomez, although everything Britt manages to land seems to be cancelled within the first year of production, she is still amazingly talented and amazingly beautiful.

  • 1equalityUSA

    I like seeing underdogs pull themselves up by their own bootstraps and come back. I hope she kicks ass in this role and pulls her life together. She gave a great performance in “Bobby.” I want to see her get it together.

  • Spike

    It’s a Lifetime movie, as in cable TV. Who cares. The only reason they cast Lilo was the added publicity. Says alot that her comeback is a cable tv movie about a real actress.

  • Red Meat

    @Spike: I can guarantee you I have seen better films on HBO in the last 5 years, better than any drama that has won an Oscar. The Oscars and the big screen are a joke when it comes to Drama nowadays.

  • Knew the L.A./ Palm Springs Scenes, too

    I don’t get Lohan either! Snoozer for talent; way-ay past her 15 minutes of fame; drama queen (and not worth hearing any of her tempests in a teapot dramas!). This photo smacks more of Halloween in the dormitory basement than Hollywood.

  • Knew the L.A./ Palm Springs Scenes, too

    @Timmmeeeyyy: Word!

  • Knew the L.A./ Palm Springs Scenes, too

    @Chris: “facepalm”? I love it!

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