Bare Chest

They say the stronger your desire to be smooth, the more body hairs sprout exactly where you least want them. Once you are ready to move on from the tedium of tweezing, the irritation of shaving, and the singular horror of waxing, you can either try laser hair removal, which is not permanent, or electrolysis, which is in all but about 10% of patients treated. Note that we used the word patient. Though electrolysis is a cosmetic procedure, it must be carried out by a medically trained and informed practitioner and you must educate yourself regarding it as you would in the case of any planned operation. The field is interesting; in your investigations, you’ll learn the difference between thermolysis, galvanic and blend electrolysis as well as the difference between a needle with a straight shaft and one with a tapered shaft.

Success in electrolysis has much to do with the talent of the practitioner. You’ll want to research the background of any practitioner you are considering because when poorly executed, electrolysis can result in irreversible damage to your skin. Also, despite commercial claims that a given method is “pain free,” it is generally acknowledged that the procedures are pain free for the practitioners, not the patients. Pain management goes hand in hand with any form of electrical epilation. Different groups within the gay community have different matters to consider. For example, in a male to female sex change in which scrotal tissue is used for lining the neo-vagina, the hairs must be eliminated beforehand because if they are not they keep growing inside and cause infections. On her website Suzan Laird offers some clearly-presented basics relating to electrolysis. Our apologies to any bear who might be reading this.

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