Forget The Grammys, Here’s Seven Queer Musicians You Should Be Listening To


Sunday is Grammys time, people.

You’ve seen the nominations and, if you’re anything like me, you’re probably bemused, possibly dismayed, and maybe even a little bit baffled. Like, can “Call Me Maybe” and “We Are Young” really be the best songs of 2012? Does Taylor Swift really deserve another Grammy? And who the hell are Mumford & Sons?

I’m thrilled that Fiona Apple, M83, Gotye and Björk are all up for Best Alternative Music Album—and that Frank Ocean seems poised to take home a shitload of trophies—but I can’t help but feel, that once again, that there are many artists who deserve recognition that they’ll probably never get from the Academy.

Click through for my line-up of queer acts that the Grammy judges probably never heard of.