Fred Phelps Loses Anti-Gay Matthew Shepard Bid

Fred Phelps loses again. The anti-gay pastor recently raised another bid to erect a monument celebrating Matthew Shepard’s grizzly 1998 murder.

Phelps had his eye on Casper, Wyoming’s monument plaza, which includes granite engravings of the Constitution, Magna Carta and other documents dedicated to freedom – something Phelps knows nothing about. Rejecting Phelps’ claim, Casper Mayor Kate Sarosy wrote:

Your monument is simply religious in character, based on your personal religious beliefs regarding Matthew Shepard, and bears no historical significance to the foundation of the law for our country. As such, the city cannot place your monument on city property without violating the establishment clause of the United States Constitution.

Phelps, meanwhile, comforted himself with delusions of Casper’s sulfur and brimstone end: “The end is coming, and it will be cataclysmic. I don’t expect to save Casper.” We’re sure Casper and its citizens are heart broken…

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  • cjc

    O, God:

    Please, oh Lord, prepare thy holy euthanasia for him and his entire clan, preferrably with a lightning bolt or something that will taken them all out.

    Holla at Jeebus,

  • Ash

    You mean Magna CarTA.

  • Jamie

    Magna CARTA, not Carter.

    Jesus, people.

  • nycstudman

    I LOVE THIS GUY! I swear, I think he’s secretly on the payroll of HRC. he certainly does more to further the cause of gay rights than they do.

  • Beegeez

    It would be tragic if the Yellowstone Caldera finally erupted, which is overdue. Not only for the tragic loss of life, but because Fred Phelps & others of his ilk would blame the catastrophe on the GAYS!

  • UndercoverPants

    This guy is such a trainwreck, maybe Bravo should follow him around with some cameras. I’d watch.

  • Dave82604

    I’m a regular reader of this blog and grew in Casper, WY. Phelps has been a constant source of strife and frustration for the people of Casper (who despise him, much like the rest of you must). It’s just shitty that it’s news like this that gets Wyoming on the map anymore. That is, until Brokeback 2 (here’s hoping), or coal bed methane extraction becomes a sexy enterprise (how’s that for a Bravo reality show idea?).

  • diebuchen

    I take Fred Phelps and his family very seriously. Unlike many cults, the Phelps turn their hatred outwardly in a very specific direction.

    I don’t know if it is still on their website, but some months ago Shirley said she and her family weren’t cruel and would chose to execute gays in a non-painful way, such as lethal injection.

    By the time a group moves from IF they are going to commit genecide to HOW they intend to commit genecide, they are indeed a danger. No one knows with whom the Phelps are connected, and how they may be connected. We know this: if you are gay, or support Gay Rights, they want to kill you.

    There was a time when Hitler was mocked and marginalized, but by 1934, no one was laughing.

  • dude love

    I’m VERY disapointed with you Americans. With all these high numbers of crimes in your country, WHY the hell havent any of you killed the ENTIRE lot of the WBC?!?!?! I know they’re lawyers, but they cant sue you if they’re dead! Hell, If they came here to Perth city in Australia to picket Heath Ledgers funeral, I’d kill them along with my entire kick-boxing crew and Aboirgional, Bikie and Red-neck gangs….Seriously I planned to eliminate this old fucker and all his family (I was actually shaking with fear at the idea I was about to commit my first murder, but I was going to do it anyhow since the WBC are satanic and subhuman and wont be missed), and they didnt even show up…What a swizz!

    SO PLEASE, someone kill them and make it look like a ‘accident’

    Love Yas!

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