Freedom Of Speech, Press Hard For John McCain

We’re in love with Carol Kreck, the 61-year old woman arrested at a John McCain town hall meeting for holding a sign equating the Republican nominee with our current president, George W. Bush.

After being told by secret service to leave – because, you know, freedom of speech has no place in a national presidential election – Kreck begged the million dollar question, “Why would Republicans who voted for Bush find it offensive that McCain = Bush?” Why, oh why, indeed?!

Watch as Rachel Maddow, who’s headlining MSNBC’s Countdown this week, and journo James Moore shoot the shit on this sure-to-stink controversy. They also discuss how McCain’s campaign screens liberal media.

The moral of the story is that John McCain and his cohorts think they can bully the American people and press. Maybe Kreck had a point…