Remember when we told you to stop wearing Hollister and Abercrombie logo shirts? Yes, the post that got you to write all the hatemail. Yes that one. Well, we left something out. This something may even be more offensive than the faux all-American styles of A&F. It is a fashion trend that makes our skin crawl. And thankfully someone at French Connection has seen the light of day. The company is ditching its “iconic” FCUK slogan and logo due to poor sales.

Now I know you love your FCUK shirt. And we will admit it , there was a time, like 1997, that we thought it to be funny. DKNY was everywhere then and French Connections’ vulgar satire of fashion logos was a breath of fresh air. But you cannot base a clothing line on a gimmicky slogan. Sales are down 69% this year. Hmmm. Wonder why?

It is time to retire the FCUK shirt. Remember, don’t shoot the messenger. We are only here to help. And to tease, just a little.

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