Fur Crying Out Loud

We don’t know that every farmed animal is treated as badly as those seen in Martha Stewart’s PETA flick; but that even one animal should be skinned alive and then left to Fendi for itself is one too many. Martha was not the first gay-icon diva to get wise to fur madness; go here to see a progression of Barbra Streisand’s coats, the earlier models from real, presumably tortured animals, the last, pictured here, a specimen of faux finery.

Bab's Coat

We aren’t quite sure what to tell you about leather shoes, clothes and accessories. The softer the leather, the younger the animal exploited to procure it. The very softest leather is obtained from the fetuses of slaughtered animals. Alligator, crocodile, ostrich, python, and cobra are all skinned for the luxury market, and if there’s anything Queerty doesn’t want seen treated inhumanely, it’s snakes.

You want to be especially careful what you’re killing these days because of the trend towards trans-speciesism. But you don’t necessarily want to go overboard, advocating violence against dairy farmers. For a gay old time, you could order a pair of fake fur handcuffs.

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