Asks Outsports To Erase Image

Gacond’s No Gay

Sebastien Gacond ain’t down with his gay fans. The Swiss triathlete took on after the popular sportcentric website featured a picture of him on their site. Gacond wrote them a letter insisting they remove his image:

I’ve just found a picture of me and my name mentioned on your website. I ask you to remove my name and this picture straight away from this website.

The Outsporters then asked whether Gacond objected to the site’s gay slant.

Apparently Gacond doesn’t have a publicist, because he candidly – and shamefully – admitted:

Yes I would like to remove it because it’s a gay website. I’ve got absolutely nothing against gay people and the gay community but I don’t want my name and image to be link there as I’m not gay … I’ve got a girlfriend! Thank you for your understanding.

Gacond went on to explain that he’s trying to portray a “professional” image.

Outsports mentions that Gacond’s the first athlete in six years to request removal. They refused to comply with Gacond, who promises to “move on to the next step”, whatever that means.

The site points out that the picture – seen above – came from a public event and, thus, Gacond doesn’t have a judicial prayer.

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  • xicodecadoro

    Sweet idiotic Swiss boy, as someone from Switzerland(me), I know how little exposure some of those boys have…well they just gonna have to learn won’t they…and we ARE going to enjoy pretty pictures if we feel like…and pretty they sure are, any other ones ?

  • Paul Raposo

    Methinks the triathlete doth protest too much.

    People who are comfortable with their sexuality don’t get pissy when someone mistakes their sexuality, or when in the company of other sexualities.

    I’m sure Mr. Gacond has a girlfriend and I’m sure she looks just like him.

  • Alan down in Florida

    I seem to recall Outsports also has a disclaimer somewhere to the effect that the people in the photos they post are not necessarily gay.

    And BTW – don’t all closet cases have girlfriends?

  • nycstudman

    Actually, Outsports got into a hassle with a guy who ran in a marathon who was on their site a while ago. But Alan is right: they have a disclaimer and fair use is fair use. It’s a nuisance lawsuit – if it comes down to that. The guy should just ignore it. If he’s straight and he’s comfortable in his skin, why should he care about one website among millions?

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