Closet door bustdown

Gay and bi guys share the bizarre ways they came out of the closet

Coming-out experiences are almost always memorable, for better or worse, but some make better stories than others! A Redditor recently asked fellow users to share their “interesting or bizarre” coming-out experiences — and yes, he had a tale to tell, too.

The original poster had to face the music after he came out to a friend over Skype. “I hadn’t fully closed my bedroom door, and when my friend asked, ‘Have you told your parents?’ I responded, ‘Oh, NO, not yet, I couldn’t tell my parents!’” he wrote. “MY MOTHER WAS WALKING PAST THE DOOR. Her natural over-protective response was ‘WHAT WOULDN’T YOU TELL ME.’ (She thought I was doing drugs or something.) I sh*t a brick.”

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A commenter on the post said he ended up coming out to his father at a miniature golf course. “He says I should go talk to the woman standing at the end of the stand,” he recounted. “I said, ‘She’s not really my type, Dad.’ He grunts and turns his head for a few seconds. He then points at a guy nearby and asks, ‘He your type?’ with a giant, cheesy smile. I then made a joke that I liked my guys a little beefier.”

Another guy got more than he bargained for when he came out to his brother. “I got all drunk and couraged up, called him, and started letting it all out, drunkenly, unaware that he was in a car full of his friends with me on speakerphone,” he said. “I finished my little spiel, expecting some sort of response from my brother, and instead got a round of cheers and applause from an SUV full of drunken straight snowboard bros in Colorado. Totally mortifying for a moment but then completely reassuring.”

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Meanwhile, one commenter had to share his truth after a bit of experimentation went haywire. “I was 14 or 15 when I decided to try a makeshift dildo using a toothbrush,” he revealed. “Unfortunately for me, I got it lodged in my ass and woke my parents up at like 2 in the morning for help getting it out. It is the single most bizarre thing I have ever and probably will ever do.”

Another guy came out to his mother very recently — after seeing the film Bohemian Rhapsody. “It gave such a ‘I don’t give a F, Freddie had it much harder, there’s no perfect moment, do it yourself’ mood that I went home, sat across a table with her, and told her straight away. I’m glad I dropped it off my chest. Everything’s fine, and nothing basically changed. And she now wants to see the movie, haha.”

And speaking of cinematic revelations, one commenter had a Force-ful crush at age 12, writing, “I semi-came out to my sister and brothers when I accidentally said that Ewan McGregor in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace was hot.”