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Redditors sound off on the gay lingo they hate the most

If you’ve ever had a visceral reaction to the words “moist” or “panties,” you know some groupings of consonants and vowels are more grating than others. But what queer lingo gets on your nerves?

That’s the question Redditor mrjeffjefferson recently asked, revealing that for him, the verbum non grata is the term “boi.”

“Having another man refer to me as ‘boi’ makes me want to take a hot shower and kinda barf,” he explained. “Instant turn-off for me.”

Fellow Redditors seized upon the opportunity to air their grievances with other LGBT jargon.

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Two commenters called out “boy p*ssy,” for example; and four called out “bussy,” a portmanteau of that phrase. (“Bussy is pretty cringe,” wrote one.)

But another Redditor said “sh*toris” — a punny nickname for the prostate — is “so much worse.”

Interestingly, six commenters expressed distaste for the word “queer” itself. “Maybe as it was used as an insult at school, and maybe because I like using it [to] mean odd or unusual,” mused one.

“It doesn’t bother me that others claim it and use it for themselves (that’s not a new thing), but there seems to be a recent move to apply it to everyone in the LGBT+ community, whether we (individually) like it or not,” said another.

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Other responses also touched on identity politics. One respondent said the terms “masc” and “straight-acting” were irritating, and another cited “gay marriage.” (“It should just be called ‘marriage,’” that user contended. “I prefer the term ‘marriage equality’ over ‘gay marriage’ any day.”)

Some of the most impassioned responses, however, pertained to the term “daddy.”

“I’m beginning to hate the usage of ‘daddy’ in queer culture,” wrote one commenter. “It started off being used for older, attractive gentlemen of an age that they could be the ‘daddy’ of the guy using it. Nowadays, I have heard it be used for guys who are fresh out of high school and look like they are also fresh out of diapers. Maybe the definition changed without me realizing, but it drives me nuts!”

Replied another user, “1000x yes to this. A 23-year-old old intern with a beard who spends his weekends playing [amateur] soccer at the community center is nowhere near daddy material, kids. Please do your f*cking homework.”

“Not that such a guy wouldn’t be super f*ckable,” that commenter clarified. “He’s just not a daddy.”

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