Drugged Up Jocks Edition!

Gay Blind Item Madness!!

Alright, this isn’t so much a blind item, as a disturbing reality of New York’s gay sporting life:

Which all-night gym in a party neighborhood has an enterprising new business plan? Its customers can work out while still tweaking at 3 in the morning, then buy more crystal meth in the locker room before they go.

Gross. Can you imagine working out on meth? Sounds horrible. Actually, meth sounds horrible alone.

Also, wouldn’t the combo make your heart explode or something? Hardly healthy…

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  • nycstudman

    OK, let’s take this one step at a time, appropriately:
    1) It’s a blind item. That means it can be entirely made up and no one will know.
    2) It’s from Ben Widdicombe, who, I would venture to guess, hasn’t been inside a gym – in or out of a “party neighborhood” – in years.
    3) which means someone fed the item to him. There could be any number of reasons for this. Competitor? Bitter employee? Bitter member? Bitter ex-member?
    4) Any gym open all night may attract a drug dealer (or two) to the locker room. This is not the gym’s fault or responsibility.
    5) Yes, working out on meth: nasty. Coke? ….
    6) What the hell is a “party neighborhood,” anyway???

  • Qjersey

    Yeah its sad the the NY tabloids have sunken to airing the gay community’s dirty laundry, lol.

    It’s sadder still that anyone in the know could tell you this is nothing new.

    Ah but we say “to each his own” and “who am I to tell anyone what to do?” while we watch gay men destroy themselves and the image of our community through rampant partying and barebacking.

    Future BLIND items:
    What gay party paper is owned by the same men who have a stake in an escort service and a few bathhouses?

    What gay nightclub promoter is on and off again with the crystal meth… and while on again has been known to get fisted in the bathroom during one of his parties?

  • nycstudman

    Yo, Qjersey: I’m not denying that tina isn’t a big problem (with str8s as well as gays, btw – something no one bothers to mention, not that that mitigates its effect on our community, just sayin’). I was only commenting that the item seemed bogus. And tina’s devastating effect on the gay world is something that’s hardly been swept under the rug – by gay or maintream media.

  • Gregoire

    Drugs AND the gym? Goddamn, that all sounds so exhausting.

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