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Gay bobsledder Simon Dunn addresses THAT photo of him

Simon Dunn has addressed the photo leak that’s been making the rounds this week.

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Dunn, 29, is a now-retired Australian bobsledder who became the first openly gay athlete to represent his country in the Olympics.

“Unfortunately pics of me have ended up online,” he writes in a tweet. “This is obviously not one of my best moments, for that I’m sorry.”

“In light of recent events, I thought I’d show you that I do look good with clothes on as well.”

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Here’s his full statement on GuysLikeU:

“Although not ashamed of the pictures it is a little embarrassing. Mostly I’d like to apologize to my mum and  family and supporters who might be upset by this. I’ve endeavored to make you proud and be your role model and right now I’m not living up to that goal.

I’m only human and like most men I guess in this instance I wasn’t thinking with my brain… but something else! I hope I can put this all behind me, learn from my mistakes and continue my work promoting LGBT athletes and causes.

I guess the silver lining is I can just link people to Tumblr next time they ask for such pictures. And remember boys no matter how hot he is don’t send nudes…

On a serious note, as this is an invasion of my privacy and someone has clearly breached my trust, should you see these pictures please ask the corresponding page to take them down.”

We’re not sure fans are taking him up on that last bit, as the photo in question is readily available online if you know where to look.