Gay Couple Cursed Again!

Neal Anthony and Michael Duncan are again living in fear down Tennessee way.

As we reported back in April, the McMinnville-based queer couple found themselves on the receiving end of some unimaginative homophobic crime when some punks spray painted anti-gay epithets on their historical home. How unimaginative? “All gays go to hell”. Snoozefest. What the haters lack in imagination, they certainly make up in tenacity.

We’ve received word from the boys’ friend, who writes:

Yet another hate crime took place over the weekend when four rocks crashed through his front windows as a Red (possibly Burgundy) Ford Explorer with people screaming “FAGS MUST DIE” drove by Neal’s home. The local Sheriff’s Dep’t was once again called out but the investigating officer claimed they could do nothing as the car was headed into an adjoining county (where they have no jurisdiction) and so the matter could not be pursued.

The reader goes on to speculate whether or not the McMinnville police are, in fact, investigation the matter…

[Cops] did manage to apprehend the teens connected with the first paint balling incident but the more serious spray painting of hate graffiti still remains unsolved. The cops are seeing it become a cold case. One could reasonably surmise there could be connection between the spray painting crime and this recent rock throwing and yelling of homophobic slurs but the police won’t move.

Perhaps coppers are covering for a well-known, well-respected family? As our reader wonders, how hard can it be to find a red Ford explorer in such a small town? We bet it’s easier than thinking up those trite anti-gay “insults”.