Gay Equality Isn’t Just Lip Service For Awesome Denver Mayor Michael Hancock

Most politicians speak out of whichever side of their mouth will curry them more votes, but last week Denver mayor Michael Hancock spoke from the heart when he urged support for pending civil-union legislation in Colorado.

At a LGBT meet-and-greet, Hancock spoke lovingly about his brother, Robert, who died of AIDS in 1996.

The Denver Post reports:

“I remember very clearly standing next to him as he lay in the hospital,” Hancock told the gathering. “My brother told me a couple of things that I will never forget. One is, he said, ‘gay people are human … treat me as a human being.’ He looked at me and said, ‘Michael, I know you are going to stay involved in politics. Do everything that you can to continue to fight so that poor people don’t have to die from this disease.”

Hancock continued to say that he understood that even though his family had gathered in the hospital room, no one loved his brother more than his partner. And he was outraged and saddened that laws at the time forbade his brother’s partner from making medical decisions.

The mayor said his talk wasn’t “just for cheap applause.”

“I say it because it is a fundamental value. Government shouldn’t legislate who you love and who you commit your life to. As my brother taught me, love does not recognize gender, race or ethnicity… That’s why I stand here firm in my support for civil unions in Colorado and in support of same-sex marriage across the land. It’s time. Let’s do it.”

Gay couples in Denver are afforded the same rights as married heteros, but Hancock is joining the chorus of voices calling for statewide recognition with the passage of Senate Bill 2.

The measure passed the Senate judiciary committee last week but faces a Republican majority in the House, where a similar bill was voted down last year.



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  • Joetx

    Where’s that racist, Isaac C, & those of his ilk, now?

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    @Joetx: Mnn, let’s see … it’s early afternoon? Then Isaac C. must be sitting in his Victorian parlor knitting a cozy for his tea set. Isn’t that what 19th-century spinsters do?

  • Mark

    I’m made a bit happier about this knowing that he’s the mayor in the city where Focus on the Family is (or was, if they’ve moved) based.

  • Mark

    @Mark: my bad – they’re in Colorado Springs.

  • Oh, ok.

    @Joetx: They don’t want to read about black people doing good things for our community or the world.

  • Isaac C

    @Oh, ok.: No, we don’t. Because your kind doesn’t matter.

    There, that should get things started here :).

  • Keith

    @Isaac C: Jesus, you trolls are everywhere.

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    @Isaac C: How sad you have to “live” hiding in a cramped room talking online because you can’t join the rest of us in the real world.

  • Isaac C

    @Oh, ok.: How sad that you and Joetx have to be black and take it out on the rest of us who are fortunate enough not to be :).

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    @Isaac C: The funniest thing about you is you think people actually care about your anonymous comments. You’re so sad and pathetic lmao wasting your time trying to bother people you don’t know online. You’re really bad at trolling and just amusing like a clown to the few who bother replying to you.

  • Kev C

    Denver doesn’t have a large black population, but has elected 2 black mayors. Usually it’s the white people who don’t live near blacks who feel the most white guilt. I’m surprised he hasn’t won a Nobel Peace prize yet.

  • Isaac C

    @Kev C: Do they even have affirmative action Nobel Peace prizes?

    @Oh, ok.: “You’re so sad and pathetic lmao wasting your time trying to bother people you don’t know online.”

    Take a look at the first comment (that you replied to and agreed with) and then tell me who’s bothering who. I’m just giving you what you want so everyone’s happy :).

  • CBRad

    @Kev C: LOL. That’s why when an African-American visits any place in Vermont, or in Canada, they practically hand him the key to the city. BUT, that doesn’t mean Michael Hancock is a bad mayor (and a lot of black folk will gladly take all that favoritism from lilly-white communities, because…it’s a dog-eat-dog world, and why not go along with it. I’m sure I would myself).

  • MickW

    Does this site have monitors or do they just allow racists trolls?

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