“Gay” Kiss “Not Normal”, Says Star

Star gets no gold stars for labeling gay kissing “not normal”. The weekly tabbie recently featured a picture of Adam Sandler and Kevin James promoting their “gay” firemen comedy, I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry and apparently editor Candace Trunzo doesn’t approve. And Boy Culture Blog, who passed the story along to Towleroad, wants Trunzo to “pucker up and kiss my normal, gay ass”.

That’s a fairly reasonable request.

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  • abelincoln

    OMG – you couldn’t pay me enough to even be in the same building with Sandler. A complete fucking unfunny creep of the lowest order.

    Oh yeah – fuck the Star too!

  • Leland Frances

    The Star is merely magnifying the problem orginated by the stars of the film who are continuing to play the “here’s something that will make you laugh: fags!” bit to promote the film built around that. And where better than during the All-American Pastime. But how can we blame clueless hets exploiting gay stereotypes for “laughs” and money when Carson & the other fairy godmothers from Fag Eye for the Straight Guy queened their way into a Red Sox game for “laughs” and money to “makeover” some of the players. Carson in a hot pink baseball jersey and cap or sitting uninvited on one of the player’s laps or all the scripted bits about how fags simply cannot throw or catch a baseball even against Little Leaguers were so funny I forgot to laugh.

  • Martini-boy

    Oh dear. That Carson thing, if I were to have seen it with mine own eye, would have made me furious as hell.

    Ditto with the new Adamn Sandler movie, which shall not be mentioned.

  • NeoAurelianus

    I’m donning my flame-retardant jammies but I watched “I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry” twice and think overall the movie is very gay-positive.

    Sandler and James charade exposes them to the ridiculous homophobia still so prevalent in U.S. society, and they experience it firsthand, from coworkers and friends. I also love the wonderful take on the sissy boy (a first to me) — James’s father is supportive, if not always understanding, of his son and daughter as they are, even if the boy is a flaming stereotype dancing, singing homo kid. More than the lesson about tolerance of adult sexual orientation, the sissy son shows kids are different and should not be shoved into strict gender-defining behaviors, especially in regard to gender-identity and sexuality at an early age. The world would be a lot better for many children if they weren’t forced into extremes at either end of masculine/feminine, male/female norms (or light skin/dark skin, upper class/lower class, rich/poor, theist/atheist, or other dichotomies).

    Adam Sandler has never been appreciated by me and I still have no idea who Kevin James is (other than he is/was on a TV show) and this movie deserves no Oscars(TM). But as far as promoting acceptance and tolerance I’ll watch it again over Brokeback Mountain any day. The audiences watching Adam Sandler movies are also probably a better group to address than those who go to see a highly publicized ground-breaking (for number of continuously induced yawns) movie like Brokeback.

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