Gay Men Booted From Romney Rally For Being Annoying, Not Homosexuals

Two gay men from Iowa City claim they were ejected from a rally for Mitt Romney last week because they were gay.

On Wednesday Adam Peters posted on Facebook that he and friend Chase Gunderson had bought tickets for the event because Gunderson, though openly gay, supported the Republican candidate. (Peters classifies himself asa “independent.”) But no sooner did they arrive at Romney’s Cedar Rapids event that guards turned them away, saying Peters was a “known protestor.”

Peters posted:

“Upon arriving to the site, we got in a line and were greeted with friendly smiles,” he wrote on Facebook. “[But when] we began to head to the plane hangar where the event was taking place… two officers and one suited man… approached us and said with a smile, ‘You need to leave…

Was it because we are gay or looked too flamboyant for your rally? It’s not a surprise to me that you would treat someone this way… but it certainly came as a surprise to one of your ardent supporters. He now sees who you truly are. The guy who likes to take away rights and silence minorities.”

But Romney campaign spokesperson Andrea Saul is calling shenanigans:

“We were informed by people on the ground that this gentleman was a known protester who has caused issues at previous events,” Saul wrote in an email to U.S. News. “So [we] had him escorted off the premises to prevent any disruptions.”

While there’s no reported incidents of Peters being a agitator elsewhere, he has thrown Romeny some shade on Twitter. Peters tweeted that Ann Romney was among the “things you don’t tie to a roof of a car,” and  “[Romney] licked his wounds after losing to McCain. Ew. What other nasty things is Mitt into? #binders full of women.”