Miller & McFarlane Sitting In A Tree?

Gay Not-So-Blind Item Madness!

Wentworth Miller may say he’s straight, but sources say otherwise. It seems the Prison Break star may be breaking it down with Brother & SistersLuke McFarlane, who used to date TR Knight of Grey’s Anatomy. Quite the gay television cluster fuck, huh?
Via Perez Hilton:

Wentworth and Luke have been secretly dating for almost six months now. They’ve been very quiet about their relationship, obviously, as Wentworth is not out of the closet.

Things between the pair are so serious that the couple are talking about moving in together, we hear.

They spend a lot of time at each other’s houses. Wentworth has been pretty reclusive since he’s become famous and he’s been even more of a shut-in since he started dating Luke.

A source over at Fox, which produces Prison Break, claims Miller’s been avoiding the press as of late. Why? He doesn’t want to dodge any more gay questions. There’s only one way to resolve that, Miller, and it ain’t by sucking dick behind closed doors. Do it front of the cameras so we can all take a peek, please?

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  • beejay

    i was in san fran for spring break and saw wentworth walking down the street. he was wearing a puffy vest and the weather was hot out. just by the way he walked, hes def queer. right on!

  • jane

    Wentworth is a very talented actor, he does a fine job in Prison Break and that’s what matters! Who cares if this guy “beejay” who’s name already sounds queer is wishing that Wentworth is gay. He just wish that Went is because he has no chance with him! hahaha.

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