Gaybaiting OnlyFans star tells other gaybaiting OnlyFans stars to stop gaybaiting

Rogan O’Connor is a British reality star best known for appearing on show like Ex On The Beach and The Challenge. He recently launched an OnlyFans page, where he says people can “expect a lot of d*ck and a lot of ass.”

“I rarely put my willy on my main feed,” he tells Cocktails and Cocktalk in an exclusive interview. “It’s a lot of teasing.”

“I’m a naturist and I’ve been a stripper for a very long time, so I am liberal in that respect, but I’m still doing lots of TV shows, so for the filth, you do need to open up your DMs, and that’s when the real naughtiness begins.”

Things get a little weird later in the interview, however, when Rogan starts going after other OnlyFans models who he says mislead people and tease their followers by not showing enough.

“There a lot of high-profile guys who will mislead people,” he says, taking specific aim at performer Stephen Bear, who recently came under fire after being caught stuffing his underwear to appear bigger than he actually is.

“It’s just hilarious,” Rogan says. “I don’t know if he genuinely thought people would believe him, but’s just hilarious, isn’t it?”

Things descend further when Rogan, who identifies as straight, says he’s against gay-baiting.

“I know that a lot of my followers are gay, which is why I get the angles right when having sex,” he explains. “And I’ve done naked posing with my mate Joss (Mooney) but we wouldn’t go further, because, were not gay, so why lie to people?”

Hmmm. Last we checked, two straight guys posing naked together in an effort to get clicks from gay men is the definition of gaybaiting.

“I have hooked-up with trans women in the past,” he continues. “I find them really sexy! So maybe that’s the next piece of content to come, who knows yet.”

Who knows, indeed.