gay privilege

Why gays never have to remember anyone’s name, according to this viral tweet

Gay couple extending hands

Forget those so-called memory hacks—we gays don’t need ‘em, as New York City-based comedian Paul McCallion recently explained on Twitter.

So far, that tweet has more than 13,000 likes, so it’s clear Paul isn’t the only king and girlie to use that tactic!

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You might also know Paul for his Drag Race recaps for Vulture, his parts in the Amy Schumer movie I Feel Pretty and the Lifetime movie Web of Lies, or for his other viral tweets, including…

And Paul’s tweet about remembering names was a big hit on Reddit, too, after a user shared it to the r/gay subreddit.

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FYI, Kansas State University psychology professor Richard Harris told ScienceDaily in 2012 that your ability to remember names has less to do with your memory and more to do with your level of interest in the other person.

The best strategy for remembering names, Harris added, is to show more internet in the people you meet. OK, now that’s asking a lot.