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George Takei, Cheyenne Jackson, Other Stars React To Reality Of President Trump


As many of us grapple with the hallucinogenically dismal prospect of a Donald Trump presidency, our increasingly fallible brains chaff against a grim reality that’s too much to bear… and thus splash giddily into the shallowest pools of escapism available.

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Case in point: This interminable roundup of celebrity squawkings culled from Twitter.

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Join us as we check in with the likes of Cher, George Takei, Lady Gaga, and Andy Cohen as they reel from the horrible news in 140 characters or less. Chuckle to yourself, and then begin to cry, and then perhaps try to stand up but collapse to the floor and hit your head on the coffee table, and then there’s probably some light vomiting and additional guttural sobs.