Get reacquainted with the 9 queens returning to “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars” season 3


Mama Ru is back and ready to bring you another star-studded season of RuPaul‘s Drag Race All Stars with a hungry cast of nine fierce returning queens.

RuPaul revealed the nine queens during an hour-long televised pre-season episode, which also included a special interview with the legendary Chaka Khan.

“For ‘All Stars’ season three, the expectations are high, and these mighty queens do NOT disappoint,” commented executive producer and host RuPaul. “These girls are talented, hungry, and ready to do whatever it takes to earn their place in the Drag Race Hall of Fame.”

Get reacquainted with the nine queens seeking redemption below, then tune in to watch RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars season 3 this winter on VH1.

And may the best woman, win!

Aja (Brooklyn, NY)

A post shared by AJA (@ajathekween) on

Your edges are officially snatched! Fresh off season nine, the banji bitch of Brooklyn is back to pick up where she left off. Princess Disastah may have erupted from a volcano sis, but Aja’s refined and ready to show that she’s a force to be reckoned with. The true gagarini will be when Aja hits the runway, leaving everyone gooped and gagged in her wake sis. In a sea of Linda Evangelista’s, there’s only one Aja.

BenDeLaCreme (Seattle, WA)

A post shared by Ben Creme (@bendelacreme) on

HI EVERYBODY! IT’S ME, BENDELACREME! Season six’s Miss Congeniality is ready for another shot at the crown, but she’s still Ms. Crème if you’re nasty. This campy queen is ready to reach new levels of supremacy and dominate her competition. Dela’s terminally delightful demeanor and sickening talent will be her greatest strengths, as she navigates the treacherous waters of “All Stars” season three.

Chi Chi DeVayne (Shreveport, LA)

Laissez les bon temps rouler! The Creole queen from season eight is back and ready to let the good times roll. Chi Chi has hung up the ‘cheap queen’ moniker and is ready to embrace the finer things in life like expensive jewels, and maybe even the coveted crown. This southern bayou princess is ready to perform and burn up the stage once again. She doesn’t get ready, she stays ready.

Kennedy Davenport (Dallas, TX)

Well, hello! The dancing diva of Texas is back and ready to slay. The struggle may have been real in season seven, but Kennedy has crystalized and emerged from the embers stronger than ever. Her background in pageants has proven that her exquisite polish and attention to detail is undeniable, and she’s ready to show it off again one jump split at a time. Newark. LaGuardia. Kennedy.

Milk (New York, NY)

A post shared by Milk (@bigandmilky) on

She does a body good, girl! It’s milkin’ time and the dairy queen of season six is back and better than ever. Known for her groundbreaking runways, Milk did ‘weird’ before it was chic. She’s bringing back the jaw-dropping looks, and is ready for some amazing fashion moments. This time around Milk won’t only outshine her competitors, she’ll whiz past them doing a triple axel jump… wearing a beard. And pregnant.

Morgan McMichaels (Los Angeles, CA)

Morgan McMichaellllllls, bitch! Since this Queen of Los Angeles drag stomped into the workroom back in season two, Morgan’s been ready to once again return and compete for the crown. Morgan’s fierce attitude and lip sync abilities are only some of the many tools she has to help propel herself into the Drag Race Hall of Fame – right next to her drag mother: “All Stars” season one winner, Chad Michaels. In this competition, the Scottish Scandal is out for blood.

Shangela (Los Angeles, CA)

A post shared by Shangela (DJ) (@itsshangela) on

Halleloo! The original comeback queen of season two and three is jumping out of boxes and werqing her way down the runway once again – because she is what!? Sickening! This time, the Nancy Drew of Drag, has her sights set on one thing and one thing only: the crown. If anyone knows how to attack with strategy, it’s this pint-sized princess of Paris, Texas, and she is taking no prisoners.

Thorgy Thor (Brooklyn, NY)

A post shared by Thorgy Thor (@thorgythor) on

Woo! Thorgy with a T H and orgy and I feel incredible! Thorgy is back from season eight and ready to kick off some “All Stars” season three shenanigans. You better think again Ru-Ru kitty if you underestimate this Brooklyn babe, because there’s no doubting she’s in it to win it. Thorgy’ bag of tricks is in tow, and she’s ready to bring the drama and conflama. Witty catchphrase, you know what I mean?

Trixie Mattel (Los Angeles, CA)

A post shared by Trixie Mattel (@trixiemattel) on

This isn’t Maury Povich?! Oh honey, season seven was just the beginning for Trixie, who is no doubt still painting for the check-cashing place down the street. Just like Barbie, Trixie relocated from Wisconsin to southern California, her dreams still unfolding as she competes again for the crown. No doubt her biting sense of humor will serve this comedy queen well as she dukes it out with the best of the best. Honey!

But wait… RuPaul revealed at the end of tonight’s episode that he was bring back TEN queens! Who do you think will be the secret tenth queen? Comment below and let us know!

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  • Ummmm Yeah

    No stars is more like it.

    • DCguy

      What a shock, one of Mo Bros screenames doesn’t like a show with gay people on it.

    • Ummmm Yeah

      What a shock you are still a paranoid delusion that thinks anyone that doesn’t agree with you is one person because you are so wonderful no one else could possibly realize how hard you suck.

    • Brian

      The concept of “all stars” really doesn’t lend itself to more than one or two seasons. By this point they’ve used up the actual all stars and have to pick from the B list.

      Imagine who they’ll be left with if they go to all stars 5.

    • Ummmm Yeah

      The first all stars weren’t that great to begin with. They ruined that one season by chaining two of them together instead of letting them compete as individuals. Hopefully they will have given up on the concept by then or there will have had a lot of really great performers over the next couple of seasons.

    • katiewong454

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  • DCguy

    The 10th queen, I’m guessing it’s either somebody who was already on Allstars #1 Or maybe a surprise from the 1st season or maybe they’re giving Adore another chance since she quit.

    I was surprised that Pearl or Courtney weren’t included, they both did well on their seasons.

    • Brian

      I’ve heard that it’s Bebe Zahara Bonet.

    • geb1966

      I’d love for it to be Porkchop, the first one ever eliminated.

  • Luc

    My guess is Willem!!!!! Well that’s probably just wishful thinking, that’ll probably never happen again. Let me google that leaked cast list again and compare… I’m really excited to see this group compete, I think it’s a great cast.
    Also, does anyone else have this annoying problem with logging into queerly and seeing an “update profile” page they can’t get off of?!?! So annoying!!!

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