Pounce v. Ponder

GLAAD Grilled About Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger’s death has definitely become the most important news story of the 21st century. Period.

For example, GLAAD released a statement within minutes of the actor’s reported overdose. Meanwhile, it took the media watchdog four days to release a statement on the MRSA scandal. So, what gives? That’s exactly what Michael Petrelis and his pals have been asking – and GLAAD has been answering.

Excerpt from one of the non-profit’s PR pros, Cerissa Cafasso:

The MRSA story involved complex medical research. When we first heard of the story, we needed to get fully educated on all the issues.

To this end, we consulted with The Gay & Lesbian Medical Association. Their expertise informed our ability to analyze the media coverage accurately.

We felt it judicious to take the necessary time, care and caution to understand completely the story so that we could offer the best suggestions for media to report on the MRSA strain in the most fair and accurate way.

That’s fair, although even we knew the story would blow up into a gay panic. It doesn’t take a media activist to figure that one out…