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GOP lawmaker celebrates Thanksgiving by being “thankful Biden lost in 2020”

Rep. Anthony Sabatini
Rep. Anthony Sabatini (Photo: Twitter)

Like so many others yesterday, Republican, Florida Rep. Anthony Sabatini took time out of his Thanksgiving to reflect upon what he feels thankful for. However, his answer has provoked much comment on Twitter.

“I’m extremely thankful Biden lost in 2020,” he tweeted.

At the time of writing, his tweet has had over 46k likes and thousands of comments.

Among those was the actress, Patricia Arquette, replying: “Trump has lost 38 election court cases so far. He lost the election. Far left, moderate Democrats, independents and Republicans all came together to Vote Trump out. The people have spoken.”

Many pointed out the lawmaker’s stupidity.

Joe Biden convincingly won the 2020 election, polling 306 electoral college votes to Donald Trump’s 232. The President has consistently whined about mass election fraud, but investigations have revealed no evidence for such claims. Despite this, the President’s most slavish and loyal supporters continue to feed the delusion.

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This morning, Sabatini doubled down on his message. Retweeting a Newsweek story about his Thanksgiving tweet which said he was thankful about Biden losing. He said: “Sure am!”

Anthony Sabatini, 32, represents Florida’s 32nd House district – mainly South Lake County. Earlier this year, he made news for introducing HB 1365, which would have made it a felony for doctors to provide hormone therapy or gender reassignment surgery for trans minors.

He has spoken out against the Black Lives Matter movement and suggested looters be met with an armed response. Last week, he tweeted – then deleted – “KYLE RITTENHOUSE FOR CONGRESS” – a reference to the Illinois teen currently awaiting trial for shooting and killing two Black Lives Matter protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

He has also filed multiple objections to COVID-19 restrictions in Florida.

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Yesterday, President Donald Trump finally confirmed that he would leave the White House in January if the Electoral College confirms Biden’s win. However, he stopped short of saying he would concede, said “massive fraud” had taken place, and snapped angrily at a reporter’s line of questioning, reminding the journalist that he was talking to the President of the United States.