Gymnast Arthur Nory does the splits in Paris & gives us the best Olympic preview possible

Arthur Nory in front of the Olympic rings.

Arthur Nory just medaled at a competition in Paris!

Perhaps that’s a harbinger of things to come?

The out Brazilian gymnast competed over the weekend at the 2023 Paris Challenge Cup, an annual tournament featuring many Olympic hopefuls. Nory, who represented Brazil in the 2016 and 2020 Games, took home silver in the high bar final.

Fortunately for us, the heartthrob celebrated his latest triumph on Instagram.

It’s been a tremendous stretch for Nory, who’s hoping to return to Paris next summer for the 2024 Games. Just last month, he won gold for the floor exercise and silver on the vault at the Brazilian National Gymnastics Championships.

In addition to competing, Nory has been traveling the world with his super hot boyfriend, João Otávio Tasso.

Can a man have it all?! (The answer is “yes,” especially if you’re an accomplished and gorgeous Olympian!)

Nory was seemingly stoked for the Challenge Cup, taking a group picture with his teammates before taking off.

The good vibes continued at the tournament itself.

Speaking of which, Nory shared video of one of his routines, and his performance is jaw-dropping. At 5-foot-7 and 143 pounds, he’s an acrobat out there. Nory twirls with ease and flips with grace, nailing one sequence after another.

That takes tremendous strength!

It is apparent Nory was focused on his performance overseas. But the Olympic bronze medalist also found the time for some sightseeing.

There he is, channeling Tina Turner while leaping in front of the Eiffel Tower!

It’s a positive sign that Nory appears enamored with the historic city, where he plans to spend some quality time next year.

“I love gymnastics,” he said in an interview with “I love training. This passion and this love for what I do makes me grow, having this goal to get to the Olympic Games, to get to the World Championships, motivates to do what I love.”

That’s apparent. Prior to the Challenge Cup, Nory provided his followers with a glimpse of his training regimen. which includes plenty of leg lifts…and laughs.

One of the most refreshing parts about Nory is his ability to mix work and play. His pursuit of another Olympic medal appears to be… pretty fun, actually!

While Nory is leaving Paris for now, Europe is still rich with Adonis-like gay gymnasts. Heath Thorpe, who recently participated in Hungary’s World Challenge Cup, is currently training for his next competition in Germany.

Hopefully Nory passes the torch. He’s always welcome to pass us something else, as well…