Teen Mistook Woman For Gay Man

Hair Leads To Gay Attack In Ireland

An anti-gay teenager may need to get glasses. The unidentified 16-year old reportedly attacked a man and a woman because he mistook them for gay men. Why? The woman apparently had a “gay” hairstyle:

A teenager attacked a woman he mistook for a gay man because of her hairstyle, a court has heard.

The State was given more time to complete a book of evidence in the case against the boy who launched a serious attack on the woman, and a man. He mistook both for two gay men.

Thinking the couple were men because of the woman’s hairstyle, he attacked them on one of Dublin’s busiest streets, calling them “fucking gay bastards”.

The teen then proceeded to beat the shit out the couple. The little prick blames his rage on booze. Quite a kid…