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Happy Endings: All Hail Richard Simmons!

Out‘s February issue proves what we already knew: Richard Simmons is the queen of all queens.

• Lauren Williams hung out with Phylicia Rashad and the rest of the cast from the Debbie Allen Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and all we got was this incredible post!

Hummer inspired by NYC-based fag rag HX? Wouldn’t be the first time…

Pinkchoice.com names top gay travel destinations. No, Iran didn’t make the cut…

• Sappho-journo Rachel Maddow blasts “establishment press” for Obama’s New Hampshire projections.

• Minnesota news anchor “tired” of talking about Larry Craig, but also can’t resist. Poor thing.

Mark Foley still won’t hand over federal computers, investigators ask for Nancy Pelosi’s help.

• Homo-politico Barney Frank prefers the glorious 1990s to the future.

• Intern Whitney gets in on Gossip Girl‘s geographical action.

• We’ll have sex with a girl when pigs glow – huh? Uh-oh…

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  • DowntownTerry

    This is very funny. Out has really become a publication tailoring to women. Does it have any useful information for we gay men? This has no value.

  • SeaFlood

    Wait… is Richard Simmons gay??? Suspecting is not the same as knowing and I wanna know if only to groan and pay him the same respect I pay, say, Elton John… who also makes me groan.

  • ProfessorVP

    I’m not making this up. Not out: Richard Simmons, Clay Aiken, Ricky Martin, Rip Taylor, Christopher Lowell.

  • Chris

    The fact that Madonna is not shown on this chart does my heart a world of good.

  • Allen

    That’s awesome that Don Shelby here in Mpls called out the stupidity of Larry Craig’s defense.

  • todd

    I love that Richard, Gaiken, Martin, Rip, and Lowell or proclaim to be straight. Who knew the heteros were so swishy?

  • ProfessorVP

    Todd, I didn’t say they proclaim to be straight. They just aren’t out. Some deny they’re gay and some have no comment. Now, in the case of former mayor Ed Koch, who makes Rip Taylor look butch, he actually has proclaimed he’s straight.

  • Alexa

    Todd, Clay has never claimed to be straight. He said he wasn’t gay in one interview five years ago and has refused to talk about it since then.

  • Rob

    Yeah, it’s really stopped being a gay magazine when they don’t spell Liza MiNNElli’s name right!

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