Happy Endings: Baseball vs Gays, 2nd Inning

• Only a few more days to make your audition tape for Rolling Stone Magazine’s reality show. Audition tapes must be received by April 7. If you make it to the finals, let us know and we’ll give you some pointers. [RollingStone]

drag queen dc.jpeg
• First the Toronto Blue Jays, and now the Washington Nationals rain on the gays’ parade. Look at the devastation on this drag queen’s face! We’re starting to hate baseball. (Except for the Cubs. Go Cubbies!) [WashingtonPost]

Michael Hutchence, former lead singer of INXS and early-90’s heartthrob, is coming to the silver screen. We’re interested to see how they depict his “death by doorknob” suicide. [HeraldSun]

• “Invisible condom” testing underway in Africa, in the hopes it will prevent HIV infections. If the stuff works, this could be a revolution. Are you sponge-worthy? [CapeArgus]