Happy Endings: Gay Marraige In Des Moines?

• Queers in Iowa are suing for the right to get married. If movies starring gay cowboys aren’t making homeboy John Wayne roll in his grave like conservatives are claiming, this’ll certainly do it. [Chicago Tribune]


• A judge’s ruling could also give South Korea gay marriage, furthing pissing off their conservative neighbor to the North. [GCN]

Usher pretty much guarentees us he will not make 2006’s Straights: So Gay! category. [Groove Volt]

• Just when you thought fraternities couldn’t get any gayer than they already are, they do. [Columbia Daily Tribune]

• Watch video of John Stewart reporting two weeks worth of gay news in just three minutes with The Daily Show’s Gaywatch segment. All we want to know is how one goes about subscribing to Scrotum Lovers Quarterly. [Crooks & Liars]