Happy Endings: Harry Was Always On Our Gaydar, Too

• The Vatican continues to make absoultely no sense. This time it’s rumored they might allow gay priests after all. The caveat? Hard proof they’ve had no nookie for three years. We want to be the ones responsible for those tests.


• 50’s film pretty boy Tab Hunter stops by NYC’s Out Professionals Center this month for a chat about his prolific film career and what it was like to fuck Anthony Perkins.

• A British author was kicked out of a children’s talk for calling Harry Potter “gay,” something we’ve been saying for years.

• Though what we’re really waiting for is the Colin Farrell sex tape to hit the internets, we must make do with Tom Sizemore and possibly the white trash couple of the Century, Kevin Federline and a pregnant Britney.

• We expect our lesbo cops to be nothing but “verbally aggressive.”

• As everybody and their mother now knows, Tom Cruise captive Katie Holmes is with child. Glee! Little Scientologists!