Happy Endings: Marlon Brando’s Road Trip

• What do you get when three famous actors drive to Palm Springs together? We’re hoping it’s a whole lotta gay sex. [NY Daily News]

• Former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey can now add blogger to his respectable resume. On second thought, he better leave that out if he ever wants to work again. [Newsday]

• We’re all about Jersey today. Say hello to that state’s first openly gay mayor! [The Daily Record]

Marlon Brando

• GLAAD doesn’t want a reputation as being a bunch of old bitches, so don’t misinterpret their statements about American Idol! [GLAAD]

• We love that the only person able to control a pissed off Rosie O’Donnell is the daughter of Malcolm X. [Contact Music]

• Why blow thousands of dollars on a sex change when you can just buy a few bottles of five-dollar Hawaiian Tropic? [The Independent]

• As if Karen Walker needed another reason to drink: Will & Grace has officially been canned. [Bloomberg]