Happy Endings: ‘No Lust Is Good Enuff!’?

• Bid2Beat AIDS’ eBay auction keeps on trucking. Our favorite item of the day? This “rare,” autographed The Gossip album. We’re not sure what Beth Ditto means by “No Lust Is Good Enuff,” but we’re pretty sure that’s not how you spell enough. Anyway, the current bid’s $11.99. We expect it to be at least $12.35 next time we check. If it’s not, well, AIDS wins.

Michelangelo’s final sketch?

• Gay activist Bob Kohler no longer living. R.I.P.

Amy Winehouse doesn’t only have a raging coke addiction, she’s got six Grammy nominations, too!

Botswana’s bent boys and girls threaten lawsuit against anti-gay government.

Coolio: the return.

• Celebrities beginning to bore Barbara Walters.

Today’s special: Hanukkah ham!

• Aussie PM Kevin Rudd green lights gay unions for Australian Capital Territory..