Happy Endings: The Day These Men Played Lovers

• See these two men? They’re Brazilian actors named Sérgio Abreu and Carlos Casagrande and they’re totally playing lovers on a new prime-time sudster, Paraíso Tropica. How do you say “very hot” in Portuguese? [Made in Brazil]

Viktor and Rolf are so avant-garde! They totally strapped lights to a model. [IHT]

• We totally inspired Kenneth Hill to make a super-hero. He didn’t name it, though. Perhaps you can help. [QueerSighted]

• Meanwhile, HX editor Brandon Voss has been spending some time with Sarah Silverman. The result? An eye-opening interview. Did you know you can say “cunt” on Comedy Central after 1am? Now you do. Thanks Voss and Silverman, you just made our day. [The Advocate]

• Here’s another tough question: if you’re on American Idol and have an initialed name, does that make you gay? It certainly looks that way. [Brace Face]

• A Swedish club’s been ordered to pay 30,000 kronor after asking a lesbian couple to stop snogging. Yeah, that’s basically all you need to know… [The Local]