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Harvey Milk Day Will Force California’s Kids to Love Homos (And Hitler, Too!)


Know what the sad opponents to California’s proposed Harvey Milk Day are arguing? That if Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger makes May 22 a statewide holiday for a civil rights hero, all of California’s school children will be taught about dudes screwing other dudes in the butt. And all sorts of equally ridiculous things.

We have to laugh. Laugh, because once again we’re dealing with the tired debate about whether gay rights (a “special interest”) are human rights (something we can all get behind), but more so because once again we’re dealing with a group of people trafficking in fearmongering, trying to convince parents (read: voters) they need to call up Schwarzenegger and demand he not impose this fag on their kids. For Harvey Milk Day will force teachers to tell students all about some homo with a megaphone. (For the record, there are no requirements for schools on such days of recognition, although we’re advocates of California’s kids learning about Milk in the classroom.)

So far, though, it’s working. Schwarzenegger’s office has received 100,000 phone calls about the holiday, most of them against it, reports the NYT.

But it appears inside the governor’s mansion, Schwarzenegger is coming around from last year’s position, where he vetoed an earlier Harvey Milk Day bill. Thanks to the film Milk, Harvey’s civil rights champion status has been on the rise. Undoubtedly it helped convince Schwarzenegger that Milk deserved a place in the California Hall of Fame.

And it’s not like Schwarzenegger runs much political risk if he creates the holiday and signs SB 572 into law; he’s not running for another term. And the state’s legislators, who approved the holiday in both chambers, obviously didn’t respond to threats from hate groups like, which imagines Harvey Milk Day will lead to mock gay weddings performed by kids from Sacramento to San Diego.

There are only three days of recognition in California: one for Sierra Club founder John Muir, another for teachers, and a third for the California poppy. Clearly, it’s not a recognition that the state’s governors have over-saturated with endless special honors, so we appreciate Schwarzenegger’s careful consideration of State Sen. Mark Leno’s bill, and the will of the people.

But civil rights heroes are not made every day. Even in the Facebook era. So when we have a chance to honor one of the state’s most outstanding proponents of the equal treatment for gay and lesbian Americans, we should be jumping at the chance, not backing away from it.

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  • Lloyd Baltazar

    I think Queerty is greatly improving from its past-snarky methods of bad, lazy journalism to more mature—responsible UN-biased stories that cater to the needs of the LGBT community.

    Topics like this one are the most meaningful and valuable—especially to our younger generation (myself included) so that we can have something to look up to later on as we struggle the fight for LGBT equal rights. Keep up the good work.

  • Rick

    Because allowing the gays to have basic civil rights is TOTALLY JUST LIKE killing 6 million Jews and hundreds of thousands of gays and communists and labor organizers and plunging the world into a war that killed 75 million people.

  • Brian

    As I watched Ted Kennedy’s funeral on TV and noticed Maria and Arnold sitting with the family, I wondered if knowing how strongly Kennedy felt about gay rights might soften Schwarzenegger’s heart and whether he might be more inclined, this time, to sign the SB572 into law. Let’s hope so.

    No, I think I’v e heard that hope is not a plan. Let’s all at least phone the governor’s office and express out support.

  • B

    If you write/call/email our governor, just ask him how he’ll look vetoing a bill honoring a guy who recently received the Medal of Freedom posthumously.

  • BramNash

    What is so funny about the fact that gay “rights” are NOT human rights?

  • Jay Davis

    If you want to tell Gov. Schwarzenegger to support the bill, give him a ring at 916-445-2841. It’s an automated system, so just pushing a few buttons will get your vote across; you won’t have to talk to anyone.

    The bill just got through the legislature, so its next stop is the Governor’s desk. Call him now to make sure he gets your vote.


    Jay Davis
    Equality California

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