Hasturd Expects to Come out Smelling Like Rose

You gotta hand it to Dennis Hastert (or, as we affectionately call him: Hasturd), the Republican Speaker of the House on whose watch the alleged Foley cover-up took place: not only does he insist he won’t voluntarily step down from his post, but he’s positive he’ll win re-election next month. The New York Times reports:

…On Thursday, standing outside his district office in Batavia, Ill., [Hastert] made it clear that he did not intend to become a casualty of the Mark Foley scandal, saying he expected to win re-election to his seat and run for speaker again when the new Congress convenes in January.

Wow, when we first heard about his role on the Foley scandal, we thought Hasturd had just been pulling a bit of political maneuvering. Now we understand he’s just a nutter who believes the American people to be dumber than the pile of horseshit he’s trying to pass off as the truth. Ahhh, politicians, you so crazy!