He Doesn’t Throw Like A Girl And Pitches Like A Top

Billy Bean

Every now and again we come across the occasional article on gay pro athletes. Not that there are that many to pick from. Last week we had an update on ex-NFL queen Dave Kopay and today it’s Billy Bean’s turn to talk about coming out in pro sports. Bean tells us why gay athletes prefer their sexuality stay stuffed way back in their lockers next to their jock straps and secret stash of Freshmen magazines.

“If somebody famous came out, all those sports fans who love him, who run around wearing his T-shirts and jerseys, it would be something where they’d have to start asking questions about themselves,” Bean said.

Yet even more reason for us to support athletes’ coming out. We’d be absolutely thrilled if more guys got themselves out of those tacky jerseys and into something more fashionable.

Gay athletes’ dilemma
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