Head Of Christian Hate Group Releases Hilariously Ignorant Statement About Gay Couple Adopting Two Kids

Hot mess Andrea Williams, head of Christian Concern, a hate group that works to “inform and empower Christians to speak against ungodly and unjust laws,” and her bouffant are very worried over the fact that a gay couple in the UK has been allowed to adopt two children, aged two and four years, whose birth parents were found to be negligent by a family court.

“We do not know all the details as to why adoption was deemed necessary but leaving that aside, this case raises profound concerns,” Williams said in a statement.

A quick note to Ms. Williams: It’s usually wise to learn all the details before speaking out about an issue.

Senior Family Court Judge James Munby wrote in his judgement last week that he saw no reason to block the adoption after the children’s birth parents admitted to regularly leaving their kids unattended, not bathing them, and beating them.

Upon learning their kids would be adopted by a gay couple, however, the birth parents suddenly became worried for the children’s well-being, arguing that they would suffer from “psychological harm” at the hands of these new parents. Because being raised in a same-sex household is so much more psychologically crushing than being regularly pummeled by your birth parents.

“Why is it not possible to accommodate the beliefs of the natural parents and act in the best interests of the children?” Williams asks. “Why are these beliefs about marriage, which the government claims are protected, being trampled on?”

Another quick note to Ms. Williams: This has nothing to do with anyone’s beliefs about marriage. It has to do with protecting two toddlers from being beaten by their mom and dad.

“It is causing great present distress to the parents,” Williams says.

Those poor parents. We can only imagine how their children must feel.