WATCH: UK’s Lackluster Marriage Wingnuts Ain’t Got Nothing On NOM

In the above clip, members of the British anti-marriage-equality groups Christian Concern and The Coalition for Marriage wag on about the threat of same-sex marriage, much as the National Organization for Marriage does here.

But these chaps really don’t have the whole “it’s the end of civilization!” thing down the way their colonial cousins Maggie Gallagher and Brian Brown do. Maybe it’s because the British are generally more reserved than us Americans or because England doesn’t have the same culture of Evangelical holy-rollers to draw on.

Or maybe we’ve just been watching to much Downton Abbey and keep expecting everyone to start talking about poor Mr. Pamuk.



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  • Andrew Wells

    These guys will fail. I don’t get how they’re going to find one million signatures, considering that the vast majority of the population, when polled, supports same-sex marriage, and even the Prime Minister has openly stated his intent to legalise it.

    Also there is a much more powerful culture of political correctness here than in the States. If they had said anything particularly inflammatory about gay people then they would probably be sued under existing hate speech laws.

    I do like the way things are going…

  • Robert in NYC

    It’s more about the UK not having the vicious holy-rollers both secular and religious. I have many relatives in the UK. From what they tell me, this video hasn’t received much if any air time to have any impact. It will garner more ridicule than be taken seriously. It’s a joke on the bigots and will fire back on them. Even my 92 year old aunt who supports marriage equality over there thinks it hilarious at best.

  • QJ201

    1) Another example of American right wing xtians exporting their beliefs. Africa, the UK, NOM and the like have been “interfering” in other nations.

    2) That women looks like a drag character straight out of a Brit-Com.

  • vulgarysuperficial

    <3 the hair!

  • Torchwood

    The British anti-gay marriage groups have nothing on NOM because NOM opposes civil unions, domestic partner benefits, survivor benefits, hospital visitation rights, the right of gays to serve in the army and anti-discrimination laws in employment and housing. In the UK they have civil partnerships so marriage is really a matter of semantics rather than legal rights like here in the US

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