Hebrew Homophobe Explains Hanukkah’s “History”

Yehuda Levin takes this Hanukkah season to shed his rabbinical light on the “historical truth” of the Jewish festival of lights: it’s a defeat of the Syrian-Greek’s homosexual agenda.

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Chanukah is not a winter solstice holiday, nor a present exchanging Kwanza lite. The Macabees revolted against the Syrian-Greeks only when they tried to squelch Jewish rituals dealing with modesty, holiness and the service of G-d. It was when the allies of the Syrian-Greeks, upper class socially liberal Jews, known as Hellenists, embraced the attempted abolition of ritual circumcision, Sabbath, and the Holidays and encouraged young Jews to cavort nude in the gymnasiums they built (Gymnos, the Greek word for nude) that the loyal religious Jews defied their “enlightened”, “progressive”, “socially liberal” (read libertine) reprobate brethren and sacrificed their lives to prevent the “Hell”enization of Jewish Holiness. Anyone who is familiar with ancient Greek culture knows about the centrality of homosexuality in their daily lives. It is obvious that what followed the nudity in the gymnasium and the emphasis on the body, was rampant institutionalized homosexuality, which religious Jews have associated with Amalek’s attack on the ancient Jews during their desert sojourn (as stated in the Torah/Bible).

The faithful Jews, willingly martyred themselves to defeat the debauchery of that time both heterosexual and homosexual. Thus Chanukah represents the first ever defeat of a world power’s homosexual agenda!

To those who are enmeshed in the homosexual lifestyle, we declare this: Homosexuality may have been the Syrian-Greek culture but it was always totally rejected by timeless values of Judaism. We recommend the reparative therapy practiced by the Jonah organization. Chanukah is a time to reject immorality and turn to your Creator for help in reembracing the holiness of Judaism, represented by the ritual of Bris, the covenant of circumcision. Come back, we will leave on the Chanukah lights for you!

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  • todd

    He is correct! Well, not correct, but historically accurate. It was the Judeos who initially put the intollerance in Judeo-Christian values.

  • ShirleyTB

    True. Even Jesus (the Jew) wasn’t interested in the Gentiles. He only agrees to heal one when the poor Gentile child’s mother calls herself a “dog” who is unfit to eat at the same table as the Jews.

    Anti-semitism is largely a result of this them vs. us attitude. We are the chosen race, you are not going to see heaven etc.

    Personally, I don’t want to go there. Hell sounds like more fun. (Naked Syrian_greek soldiers anyone?)

  • WWH

    Nice to know that the Jews have their wingnuts also.

  • Jay

    This really hurts. If any group knows what it’s like to be a despised minority, it’s Jews. Hard to hear one of them doing all this despising.

  • Joseph

    Shirley TB:

    Yes, because it is the Jews fault that they are discriminated against! That is called blaming the victim.

    Jews are not the source of intolerance in Judeo-Christian values; human nature is the source of intolerance. As humans we feel the need to scapegoat and discriminate against that which we don’t understand. I see that you are willing to keep discrimination alive, by scapegoating that which you do not understand.

    Nowhere in Judaism does it say that you need to be a Jew to get into heaven, and Hell in Judaism is far different from the pit of eternal suffering that Christianity believes in. And nowhere in Judaism does it preach that Jews are more worthy beings because they were “chosen.” Our mission on Earth is simply different than everyone else’s.

    It is a shame that these nutjobs have discovered the internet as a platform to preach intolerance, but don’t assume that one man represents an entire people.

  • Puddy Katz

    stop the syrian-greek bashing now

  • ProfessorVP

    I’ve got big news for Levin. The same people who hate gays also have a thing about blacks and Jews.

  • nil

    those syrian-greeks sound like a lot of fun – too bad for the party poopers.

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