Here’s The Teenage Sam Smith Video He Doesn’t Want You To See


What were you doing when you were 16 years old?

If you answered “making strides to become an internationally lauded singing sensation,” then you have a lot in common with Sam Smith.

If you answered “siphoning from the family liquor cabinet and meeting up with friends at the local [gorge, canyon, strip mall parking lot, etc.],” then you have a lot in common with us. But we digress.

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When Smith was just a lad of 16, he recorded an album while signed with the Flipbook Music label. Think low budget, shoddy production value, but a start is a start!

The studio has decided now is the time to cash in on their previously unreleased baby-Sam Smith tracks, with the album Sam Smith Diva Boy (actually, that’s an amazing title) coming out soon.

Smith has nothing to do with the project at this point.

The first single, “Momentarily Mine,” was just released online with an awkward, angsty video.

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“Sam is currently an award winning global pop star, however, it didn’t happen overnight and without a lot of work,” the company writes on the YouTube page for the video. “Yes, Sam was in development and trained for success over three years with Flipbook Music, a London based Indie Label. It was at Flipbook Music that Sam’s dreams were nurtured, his, then undiscovered, talents uncovered and developed and it was there he learned his art. It’s also where he experienced all his ‘firsts’, including recording his first album, his first live and video performances and first interviews and, later on, his interviews as an informed person when he shares his views on life, love, sexuality and more. This journey was recorded every step of the way for the making of the documentary Sam Smith – The Lost Years.”

“It’s easy to see how all those ‘firsts’ shaped Sam’s, inevitable, journey to success as we watch him emerge from a ‘teenage wannabe’ to a ‘ready-to-be’ pop star and informed person ….. probably the most unique footage ever seen of a global pop star in training, leading to the fulfillment of all his dreams and ambitions … and only now being made available.”

Sam may have preferred for this to never see the light of day, but all things considered, it’s pretty impressive.

Watch below:

h/t LGBTQNation