Here’s What A Right Wing Homophobe Being Epically Schooled Looks Like

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 11.11.12 AMIt’s safe to say Australian MP Bob Katter has a less-than-ideal record when it comes to gay issues. On second thought, his record is abysmal. In 1989 he made a comment that continues to surface that there are almost no gay people in North Queensland, and that if they represented more than .001 of the population, he’d walk backwards from Bourke (which we can only assume is far away).

He’s voted against anti-discrimination legislature to protect LGBT people, and in 2011 he said the prospect of same-sex marriage, “deserves to be laughed at and ridiculed.”

Which makes this clip of Josh Thomas taking him to task all the more satisfying. Rarely do you get to see a right-wing politician have to react in real time to a logical breakdown of the terrible things they’ve said. But watching Katter squirm as Thomas makes point after point is like seeing a car crash in slow motion. Katter can’t even get himself to look directly at Thomas — his eyes dart nervously around the room instead.

Thomas, who is a gay comedian with a well-respected queer-themed television show called Please Like Me, chimes in after an unsatisfactory answer by Katter to an audience member’s question about how a “reluctance to address homosexuals as well as their civil rights is quite detrimental to their mental health.”

Josh tells Katter:

“You say a lot of really important, powerful things…When I hear you talking about dairy farmers, and you say people in the cities should spend more than two dollars on milk I agree with you. But then when you go out and you deny the existence of homosexuals in North Queensland — they exist, there’s an app called Grindr, I’ll put it on your phone — you disenfranchise the community.”

Here’s the clip: