Homo-Politico BF Uncovered?

An exciting day for revelations here at Queerty. First we have the Lane Hudson report and now we have a follow-up to yesterday’s posting on Tory MP Greg Barker.

You may recall that Barker’s recent separation from his heiress wife has raised a few eyebrows and rumors about his sexuality. Despite Barker’s objections, many have insisted that Barker’s marriage fell apart because of his homo-love for an interior decorator.

The Daily Mail
(the conservative Brit-tabbie with which we’re hopelessly – and quite guiltily – in love) reports that the alleged decorator is 32-year old William Banks-Blaney.

Banks-Blaney, it seems, had been working on the home Barker once shared with his wife and the two men started a relationship.

The Daily Mail reports:

[Banks-Blaney] had a relationship with married Tory frontbencher Greg Barker after working on the MP’s Georgian mansion…One source in [Dublin] said his relationship with Mr Barker had been an “open secret” and said the couple had first met at a party in Sardinia hosted by a member of the Aga Khan’s family.

A rich interior decorator and an even richer MP getting their rocks off together after meeting at swanky party? Far more glamorous than Mark Foley and his salacious emails.

What we don’t understand is why Banks-Blaney, who by all accounts is a wealthy, attractive, young gay man, would shack up with Barker. We don’t mean to be cruel, but he’s neither attractive, nor young. Oh well, as long as they’re happy. Although, the fact that Barker’s vehemently denied the relationship either means they aren’t happy (because they’re not together) or he’s a liar.

(As a note: if we were Barker and were, in fact, boning Banks-Blaney, we’d never shut up about it.)

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